Viewed 5122 Times Published:2010-9-17 D.I.Y. FOAM CONCRETE



1.        Raw Material Needed: cement, water, fly ash, sand, and foaming agent, (volcanic ash can substitute fly ash)

2.        Equipment Involved: conveyor belt (optional), foam generator, mixer, mixer (dual shaft recommended), pump, mould, and cutting machine. (FM 12 is a total solution for all these steps). For test and experiment purposes, small size foam generator, mixer and mould would work.

3.        Fill water in mixer, and add raw materials accordingly to meet required density needs. Mix these elements about 5 minutes; during the mixing time, add accelerator and other additives as needed.

4.        Generate foam from foaming agent. Mix foam with mortar well.

5.        Pump the well mixed foam concrete slurry to moulds, or discharge it to moulds directly in absence of pump, and cure.

6.        Air curing – It takes 1-2 days to release foam concrete from moulds if natural air curing, but about 2 hours if an autoclave curing cell is applied.

7.        Cutting – there are dry cutting and wet cutting. Saw blades for dry cutting, and wire cutting for wet cutting.