About us

About us

     Hunan Trinity Construction Technology  Co., Ltd -- A world-leading foam concrete solution provider, supplies foam concrete-related products, which includes foam concrete machine, foaming agents, foam concrete mixer/pump, and foam generator. We are a councile of China Foamed Concrete Association and a member of China International Chamber of Commerce. 

    At Trinity  Technology we value excellence, innovation, and integrity. We strive to save your time by simplifying the complicated importing procedures and integrating manufacturing and exporting.

Four Competitive advantages of Trinity Technology products:


1. Reliable Performance. We cooperate with China's top five equipment suppliers during raw materials selections, process planning, production procedures, and quality inspections. We carefully exam each finished product because we believe "Products are good only when accepted by customers."


2. Continuous Innovation.  We are aggressive in product innovation, actively researching and developing our products to create advanced, durable automatic foam concrete products. We “strive for perfection,” because “excellence” is our only option.


3. Sizable Selections. We offer large selections of premium finished products. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can customize your own machine. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore and create your very own foam concrete product, choosing from our full selections of pumps, mixers, and other high-quality parts.


4. Tailored Service. Our employees are dedicated and dependable, always ready to serve each customer with a warm pre-sale, sale and after-sales attitude, eager to supply you with the product that fits your needs.


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The Logo

The Logo is composed of:




  • Three Squares: Square means solid, strong and foam concrete block.
  • Three Colors: Blue is the color of sky and technology, green is environment, white is the foam and our attitude of work. With the hope that all buildings are build with green technology and sustainability in mind, Trinity Construction is formed.
  • Three squares also compose a Chinese Character “” (pronounce p-in’, the 3rd tone), which speaks for quality, service and character. “品” defines the spirit of Trinity Construction. The company is therefore named Tri-nity.




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