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Hollow Brick With Foam Concrete


Semi-automatic foaming cement fills in the core hollow production line

      The fully automated foamed concrete fills in the core hollow production line has two parts, first it is hollow block forming part, and second it is foamed cement fill core when producing, using cinder or fly ash to produce the hollow block by the formed machine by self-research and development. After hardening, and then using the foamed cement machine casting-in –place super low density foamed cement to hollow core, last maintained.

Merit: Insulation、bearing  integrate, 30cm thickness foamed Fillmore block is as insulation

As same 1 meter general block wall. it can reach 65% construction energy conservation, realized wall insulation itself , save insulation of outer wall and cost ,100-200kg/m3 foamed cement, its thermal conductivity is 0.05-0.06, nearly Gathers the benzene (0.034), now only we have the technology to produce 100-200 kg/m3 foamed cement in market


Foamed concrete have four merits in hollow block:

1. Super low density foamed concrete  thermal conductivity less 0.07 w/m·k, can improve the insulation and heat insulation performance ,and simple block wall reach 50% construction energy conservation 50%,solute bad performance of hollow block insulation and heat insulation .

2. Foamed cement fill core block have well sound-insulated.

3. Hollow block after Fillmore entire intensity improve, it is good to improve entire performance.


Technology indicators of foamed concrete for filling

1. Density: 100—300kg/m3 is best, if you have technology, more low is better.

2. Intensity: not need high intensity, it need 0.4 Mpa

3. Thermal conductivity: more less is better, less than 0.07 w/m·k

4. Water-absorptivity: can not too high, between in 20%-10% is better

I.         HB-25000 Semi-automatic hollow brick product line:


HB-25000 Semi-automatic hollow brick product line:

The equipment is a new type machine, have good stability and can change the moulds at random, to make different size wall brick, road brick.

1.      Basic technology –data:





Violent brisance



Quiver frequency



Amplitude of vibration






Quiver time



Total weight

7 (Ton)


Total power



Max pressure

10 (Ton)


Pallet size



Operate people



Land area

more than 4000m2

2.      Brick type and output

Product Blocks specifications ( L*W*H)

Forming Number

Molding cycle


standard brick(240*115*53)



4800 pcs

Hollow brick(390*190*190)



750 pcs


3.      Equipment introduction

The equipment is made by careful develop and improve for many years, the equipment is wonderful at quality and stability, use in the large rang in the china and others countries.

The machine mainly feature is : simple operation ,to change the moulds can make different size standard brick、hollow block and so on, more useless for one machine , In the premise of equipments stability , continuous improvement ,the violent brisance and quiver frequency will increase larger, matching auxiliary hydraulic systems ,products densification and intensity substantial increase, make up for the small pressure of machine .

Now Equipments can be work as line-based operation from mixer to products , great save labour, because of high densification of products, standard brick of making can be stacking at once, save lots of money at buying Pallet, our equipment only need 20 pallets to make standard brick, our equipments is low cost of machine , easy operation and maintain .



1、The equipments can make 18 bricks, grateful improved products efficiency, and reduce cost.

2、Change moulds at random , diversify the equipments

3、Four-post-oriented , king-size guide sleeve, structure more firmness and long life.

4、All-round matching equipments, improving the mechanization, structure more firmness and long life

5、compulsory moulds synchronous structure, ensure the same size of product, demoulding balance, High Qualified products

6、Automatic with transport pallet, releasing board、aggregate、vibration、pressed.


II.      Foam concrete fill core machine

1.      FM-25 foamed cement casting machine introduction

FM-25 foamed cement casting machine is mixing the cement, fly ash and water as certain proportion in the mix warehouse to cement mortar, and then through hydraulic feed cylinder pressure to pipeline, after foaming agent according to certain proportion to dilution with water, through high-pressure pump mix with compressed air, it will form the high- density, seal –hole close froth, then mix with cement mortar in pipeline make foamed cement.

2. Features and Properties

1) Semi-automation controlling system controls mixing ratio of variety of materials refilling process. Foam concrete’s density is easy to adjust

2) High quality components; Quality guarantee, reliable after-sales services

3) Reduce construction cost; domestic high quality foaming agent,

4) Flexible mobility and positioning with road wheel

5) Unique pump head, easy for uninstallation and cleaning


3. Technical Parameters



Total power

30 kw

Max. output

25 m3/h

Vertical transport distance

150 m

Horizontal transport distance

500 m

Pump Pressure

5 Mpa

Overall Dimension w/o Material Feeder (L×W×H)

3800×1500×1500 mm


1800 kg