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 Foamed concrete in floor


I.      Advantages of thermal insulation:

1.      Thermal conductivity: 0.07 W/m.k, it is 20-30 times better than normal cement products;

2.      Light weight: because of its low density, 250-600kg/m3, it is good for reducing building load.

3.      Soundproof: foam concrete is constructed by numerous evenly distributed independent closed-cells; therefore, its noise reduction noise ability is 0.09-0.19%. It is 5 times better than its counterpart, normal cement products. It is a solution for noise irritation.

4.      Earthquake resistance:

5.      Heat resistance ability reach to 250-300 degrees high, polystyrene board softens at 75 degrees.

6.      Enhance flooring insulation’s stability and lifetime

7.      Foam concrete enhances flooring insulation’s stability and lifetime through its compression strength and its chemical make up. Its lifetime is 5-10 times longer than polystyrene

8.      Environmental friendly product: foam concrete is composed of plant protein and fiber, hence it is neither toxic nor; however, polystyrene and some other chemical materials release some types of harmful gas.