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Foamed Concrete Wallboard

Light: The lowest density is only 1 / 20 as common concrete.

Thermal resistance: The thermal resistance under the principle of equivalent design, better insulation than polystyrene board (National Building Materials Academy test).


Sound insulation: the performance of foamed concrete can be changed with the need. can be designed as a sound-absorbing materials, and also be sound insulation materials (inter connected pore and closed-cell) ,it is a new sound-absorbing and insulation material of foamed concrete.


Durability: organic foam materials due to ultraviolet radiation, oxidation, temperature and other factors caused the short life ,but foamed concrete board is not ,and  not cause the more times insulation construction of buildings, and it have long life as same as building.


Fireproof: There is not burning characteristics of foam material, it will not bring high-hazard contents


Waterproof: it can be make for different purposes in accordance with waterproof foamed concrete.


Freeze-thaw resistance: Due to low water absorption, freeze-thaw resistance is superior to aerated concrete


Wastes reusing: can be used these materials, such as: waste of industry, agriculture, minerals, waste reduction and reduce waste untreated.


Recycling: This product can be use once again by crushed, will not cause pollution to the environment.


Low-cost: because mainly raw material is cement, the production cost much lower than the other materials.


 Foamed concrete roof insulation sandwich board Product structure


The board adopt the sandwich structure, the surface uses high-density foamed concrete, improved strength and surface appearance of sheet metal, not need paint after installation, direct scrape putty, middle layer use low-density foamed concrete as insulation body.


Characteristics: both be the structure and insulation, not only the wallboard is the roof structure layer, but is the roof insulation layer, to overcome weakness, which plastic foam plates for insulation layer only, additional layer design.


Strong load capacity: The board fixed, workers can walk on the board, carry out roof construction, board did not fracture.


Good hydrophobicity: This board has good water-resist, low water absorption, good waterproof, performance.


The 5-8 times speed of insulation wall construction than the traditional method, fixed quickly, does not require the second insulation construction, save time and labor.