FA-1 foaming agent

1、 Main performance

1) excellent foaming performance, large foaming capacity and fine foam. The foaming agent has a foaming height of 230mm and a 1L foaming capacity of 0.6 to 0.8 m3.

2) good foam stability, and foam half time is 100 minutes.

3) Green environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless corrosion, safe use.

4) Excellent hydrophobicity. The foaming agent has excellent hydrophobicity and can reduce the water absorption of the product.

5) Low consumption, good economy. 400-500kg / m3 density, 0.8-1kg.

2、 Main technical features

Appearance: light yellow micro viscous liquid

Density:....... 1.075kg/l

PH value: 7-8

Formaldehyde content:...... 0

3、 Recommended range of use

Foam concrete products

4、 Usage and dosage

When using this agent, dilute it with warm water (in winter) for 30 times, and then add it into the foaming machine for foaming

Five, preservation

Please put it in the shade

6、 Packing specification

200kg / barrel

7、 Precautions

Please use this product for the first time. Before using it, you can try it in small amount.

If the product accidentally enters the eyes, please wash it with plenty of water and see a doctor in time.

8、 Main parameters

Appearance light yellow micro viscous liquid
 Density 1.075kg/l
 PH value 7-8
 Formaldehyde content 0