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FA-2 foaming agent

FA-2 foaming agent has excellent performance in foam stability and foaming capacity through various protein composite technologies. The foam produced has strong three-dimensional tension and ductility. The foamed concrete slurry maintains the original state of the pores before final solidification, and does not bubble or collapse. After hardening, it has an independent sealed homogeneous microporous structure, which ensures the quality of the product and reduces the cost.

1. Main technical  data

Appearance :....... Light yellow liquid

Density:....... 1.075kg/l

PH value: 7-8

Formaldehyde content:...... 0

Ⅱ、Usage and dosage

1. When the agent is used, it is diluted with water for 25-40 times, and then added into the foaming machine for foaming.

2. 600kg / m3 is about (0.5-0.7) kg per cubic meter of concrete.

Ⅲ、Scope of application

Roof and ground foam concrete pouring


Please put it in the shade.


200kg / barrel

Ⅵ、Tips for use

please use this product for the first time. Before using it, you can try it in small amount.

Ⅶ、Safety tips

if the product accidentally enters the eyes, please wash it with plenty of water and see a doctor in time.

Ⅷ、Main parameters:

 Appearance character Light yellow liquid
 Density 1.075kg/l
 PH value 7-8
 Formaldehyde content 0