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FM-12 foam concrete machine

FM-12 is our company long-term tracking the actual application of the domestic market, learn from foreign advanced technology, independent research and development of products with high reliability.

Ⅰ、Performance features:

1. The equipment is divided into three parts: feeding machine, mixer and main machine, which are independent and easy to move;

2. The pump head is extruded, which can be cleaned without dismantling the pump head;

3. The density of foamed cement is easy to adjust;

4. The foaming effect of the main machine is good, the diameter of the foam is low, the moisture content of the foam is low, the foam consumption is reduced, and the cost is saved.

5. Good viscosity adaptability of foaming agent;

6. Adopt high-quality motor, stable quality, select high-quality components, reliable quality and guaranteed after-sales service;

7. With walking wheel and universal wheel, it is convenient and flexible to move and place.

2. Production

3.  Application

1. Roof insulation, indoor cushion

2. Block, wall fire protection, partition wall, foundation (slab)

3. Underground isolation under the foundation of residential and industrial areas

4. Filling of potholes, filling of bridges, filling of docks and wharves, filling of attics, filling of beams

5. The foundation of streets and roads antifreeze, protect and stabilize underground pipes and heating system

4. Main parameters:

New type