Ⅰ、Workflow descr1ption

FM-20 foam concrete machine mixing cement, fly ash and water in a mixing chamber in a certain proportion to mix into cement slurry, and then press it through the hydraulic conveying cylinder to the pipe. The foaming agent is diluted with water in a certain proportion and then mixed with compressed air through a high-pressure pump. High density closed cell fine foams are formed in the conveying pipeline and then mixed with cement slurry in the pipes to form foamed cement.

Ⅱ、Working process of the machine

Ⅲ、Performance characteristics

On the basis of reference to the working principle of foreign advanced foaming machine equipment, combined with the actual use of domestic customers, and the huge technical force of domestic top Aerodynamics Research Institute, the machine has newly developed the latest foaming cement pouring machine with full independent intellectual property rights.

Double cylinder full hydraulic pump is used to pump cement slurry, with high outlet pressure, which can meet the needs of high-rise buildings

Semi-automatic control is adopted for the proportion of the added amount of various materials, and the density of foaming cement is easy to adjust

Use the foaming agent with the most advanced technology produced by our company, greatly reduce the construction cost

Convenient and flexible movement and positioning

The cement foaming machine can also be used in roof insulation (roof insulation) engineering. The use of foam cement on the roof can play the role of heat preservation and insulation. The effect of heat preservation and insulation is 20-30 times of that of ordinary materials. It can keep the indoor temperature of the top floor basically the same as that of other floors, warm in winter and cool in summer.

Cement foaming machine is an ideal equipment for producing light foamed cement. The construction operation is semi-automatic. It is easy to operate, stable in performance and good in foaming effect.

Ⅳ、Main parameters

 Volume of expanded cement m3/h 20-25
 Maximum vertical transport height m 80
 Maximum horizontal distance m 350
 Main motor power Kw 18.5
 Feeder motor power Kw 1.5
 Motor power of mixer Kw 3100×1350×1400
 Feeding height of mixer mm 1000
 Host size mm 2100×1500×1300
 Mixer size mm 1800×700×800
 Feeder size mm 4500×500×450