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FM-25 foam concrete machine is specially designed to produce foam is all in one

1. Structure

The machine has belt feeder, mixer, foam generator and pump. they are easy to install and operate, it use hydraulic pumping system for long-distance and high building .The machine has been fully debugged before leaving the factory.

After purchase, it can be use by simple installationf.


1. It use double cylinder and full hydraulic pushing mechanism for pumping, which can not only

meet need of high buildings, but also meet the needs of long-distance construction with high pressure.

2. It can controlled ratios of various raw materials by semi-automatic. The density of foam concrete

needs only adjustment buttons, which is simple and economic.

3. All components use high-quality domestic and foreign products, such as Siemens motor, Schneider

Electric. Ensure stable quality for long-time production without fault.

4. It is easy to move with walking wheel and universal wheel, saving time and labor, and improving

work efficiency.

5. It is easy to disassemble and clean,it can pump foam concrete with sand to reduce the production

cost of the product.

6. It can be match with one 500-1000L mixer to increase the output. The unique mixing blades will not

damage the foam. and the quality of foamed concrete is enhanced. The shape is reasonable.

7. It can use to making products in factory or casting-on-site.

8. Using the high quality foaming agent produced by our company, the cost is lower.

9. Provide training and after-sales service global

3. how to work?

4.  Application

1. Floor heating and thermal insulation of roof

2. Block and brick

3. Wall panels

4. Cast in wall, light steel house, low cost house.

5. Subway and coal mine backfilling

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