Should we pay attention to the selection of roofing waterproof materials?

According to the different properties of waterproof materials, the roof waterproof engineering can be divided into rigid waterproof roof and flexible waterproof roof. Rigid waterproof roof refers to the roof that is waterproof by pouring waterproof concrete, applying waterproof mortar or laying sintered flat tile and cement flat tile; flexible waterproof roof refers to the roof that is waterproof by laying waterproof roll, asphalt felt tile, painting waterproof coating, etc. According to the different waterproof materials used in the waterproof layer, the roof can be divided into rigid concrete waterproof roof, flat tile roof, coiled material waterproof roof, film waterproof roof, linoleum tile waterproof roof, metal sheet waterproof roof, etc.

General complex roof, suitable for the use of some elastic waterproof coating, in order to better bond in the upper layer of the roof, direct brush coating, convenient construction. And relatively flat large roof can choose coil material, when coating is also OK. And the roof that needs to be planted, the main requirement is to have good water storage and drainage, and high polymer coiled material can be selected.