Analysis of China's high-end hydraulic components into construction machinery industry

China's equipment manufacturing industry has made great achievements, and its scale and total amount have been in the forefront of the world. However, there are still large but not strong industries. The high-end parts and components required for high-end equipment and major mainframe equipment mainly rely on imports, and the high-end equipment and major mainframe equipment fall into the risk of "hollowing out". In particular, the high-pressure hydraulic components and systems for excavators are basically dependent on imports, which has become a bottleneck for the development of the industry.

It is reported that China's construction machinery high-end hydraulic parts market demand is huge, accounting for about 12.5% of the world market, ranking fourth after the United States, Japan and Germany. At present, domestic hydraulic products can only meet the needs of low-grade supporting products, high-end products rely on imports and are expensive. According to some data, 70% of the profits of the whole construction machinery industry in China are given to imported parts. The long-term dependence on imports of high-end hydraulic parts affects the independent innovation of the construction machinery industry and even the industrial safety, as well as the development of the hydraulic industry. Therefore, to solve the long-term dependence of high-end hydraulic components of construction machinery on imports has become one of the important tasks during the 12th Five Year Plan period.

Why such a difficult problem can't be solved for a long time, and then the harm is very wide? According to the analysis of the insiders, first of all, the host company is willing to see the expansion of market share, neglecting the investment in technical transformation of key basic parts such as hydraulic parts, especially in the first few years before the rapid development of the industry, the expansion speed of the market makes people indulge in the high sales volume, and intentionally or unintentionally ignore the problem. Secondly, the investment in technological transformation, such as basic components, is not only a long cycle and large amount of capital, but also a common difficulty in some industries. Some problems can not be solved independently by individual enterprises. After these years of rapid development, problems such as overcapacity, lack of technological innovation and weak foundation in the construction machinery industry are also highlighted.

China's equipment manufacturing industry is large but not strong, and the pain of throat locking is the weakness of the basic industry. Domestic high-end hydraulic parts are in short supply, which has dragged the development of the industry. One of the important reasons for the lack of power in the development of high-end hydraulic components in China is the separation of main components from each other for a long time.

It has reached an important time node to promote the development and research of key components such as hydraulic parts. China's hydraulic industry enterprises implement the adjustment and revitalization plan of the State Council's equipment manufacturing industry, implement the strategy of "synchronous development of main engine and supporting equipment", and realize the task of "turning important supporting parts dependent on imports as soon as possible". The equipment department of the Ministry of industry and information technology led the establishment of a collaborative work platform for the industrialization of high-end hydraulic parts and systems of engineering machinery, and achieved phased results. As a production and demand docking platform, the first task is to realize the docking between the main engine factory and the hydraulic parts factory. According to the principle of market, the main engine factory and the supporting factory should connect production and demand, and set up a joint venture of production and demand, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

Recently, the hydraulic axial piston pump, rotary motor and multi way valve developed by Shandong Zhongchuan Hydraulic Co., Ltd. have taken the lead in achieving breakthroughs, and passed the identification of experts. It shows that China's high-end hydraulic products have reached the international advanced level, have mastered its core technology, have the ability of independent innovation, and have the conditions of industrialization. The successful development of these hydraulic products for construction machinery marks that the development of China's hydraulic industry has entered the stage of introduction, digestion, improvement and industrialization from the stage of Surveying and mapping and imitation "following the trend", and started to grasp the core technology and carry out independent innovation. The lack of high-end hydraulic products, which has long restricted the development of the industry, is expected to be changed.

In the face of the fact that China's hydraulic industry is still large and not strong, the road to realize transformation and upgrading and one out of three development is still not smooth, even full of thorns. In the most difficult time for the development of the hydraulic industry, we need to work together to achieve the goal of careful design, fine manufacturing, fine matching, sincere service and fine industry development!