Implementation of the first "eva1uation criteria for industrialized buildings"

Since January 1, the national standard "eva1uation standard for industrial buildings", which was compiled by the housing industrialization promotion center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, China Academy of Building Sciences and relevant units for more than two years, has been officially implemented.

The standard consists of six chapters: General principles, terms, basic regulations, design stage eva1uation, construction process eva1uation, management and benefit eva1uation. It defines nine professional terms such as "industrial building", "prefabrication rate", "assembly rate" and "prefabricated components". The reporter noted that the "prefabrication rate" with different opinions in the past has a more standardized and accurate definition: in the main structure and enclosure structure above the outdoor floor of industrial building, the concrete consumption of prefabricated components accounts for the volume ratio of the total concrete consumption of corresponding components; in the past, there was no quantitative "assembly rate" problem, and there is also a normative view: prefabricated components and buildings in industrial building The ratio of the quantity (or area) of components to the total quantity (or area) of similar components or components. At the same time, the standard also specifies that the prefabrication rate and assembly rate of the eva1uated items shall not be less than 20% and 50%, respectively. The standard also stipulates that the project to be eva1uated shall conform to the basic characteristics of standardized design, factory production, assembly construction, integrated decoration and information management.

Experts believe that the standard clearly describes and defines the integrated construction technology and organization management of architectural design, component production, construction assembly and interior decoration, and embodies the coordination of design, production, transportation, hoisting, construction and decoration, which strengthens the engineering plan, technical measures, quality control, material supply and posts of industrial construction projects Responsibility has an important role and significance.

The responsible person of the establishment group said that the next step is to organize the compilation of the supporting rules for the use of the standard, summarize the use and eva1uation experience in a timely manner, carry out revision and perfection in a timely manner, expand the scope of application appropriately, cover more building and structural types, and comprehensively define the eva1uation parameters system and the score of the industrial building, so that the whole eva1uation system can be more advanced, scientific and feasible. Operability.

Article excerpted from: China Construction News