• European fastener production
    Jiade equipment can meet the requirements of various European fastener and fastener enterprises, reduce the weight of products and improve their performance.



  • Case study on small roof foam concrete insulation construction
    Case study on small roof foam concrete insulation construction



  • Implementation of the first "eva1uation criteria for industrialized buildings"

    Since January 1, the national standard "eva1uation standard for industrial buildings", which was compiled by the housing industrialization promotion center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, China Academy of Building Sc...



  • Factors affecting shrinkage cracking of foamed concrete

    When the foam concrete is not properly maintained and the water conservation measures are not enough, it will cause volume shrinkage due to the excessive evaporation of internal water, resulting in surface cracking. The strength and thermal insulatio...



  • Hydrophobic foam concrete
    Water repellent water repellent product is a non-toxic, harmless, environmental protection product. When the spray brush is on the surface of the object, it can infiltrate into the object quickly, and produce dehydration hinge, reaction and conjunctiva with its interior, forming reaction tension. This kind of tension causes the object to form an interface protective layer of water repellent effect of lotus leaf, which is breathable, hydrophobic and waterproof. The moisture in the inner layer can radiate outwards, while the external rainwater will not flow into or penetrate into the inner layer, just like the rainwater falling on the lotus leaf, without leakage or trace. Not only impervious and leakproof, but also moisture-proof, mildew proof, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, high and low temperature resistant, color retaining, anti-aging, anti powdering and so on.



  • Notice on the prohibition of the use of building thermal insulation materials for civil building insulation projects
    Changsha Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development
    Notice on forbidding the use of building thermal insulation paste materials in civil building thermal insulation engineering

    Czjf [2014] No. 268