• FG-20


  • FA-3
    The product is made up of various active foam increasing and foam stabilizing components.The agent is relatively viscous, it should be diluted with water 30 times before use, and then foamed with a foaming machine.
  • FA-2
    FA-2 foaming agent has excellent performance in foam stability and foaming capacity through various protein composite technologies. The foam produced has strong three-dimensional tension and ductility. The foamed concrete slurry maintains the original state of the pores before final solidification, and does not bubble or collapse. After hardening, it has an independent sealed homogeneous microporous structure, which ensures the quality of the product and reduces the cost.
  • FA-1
    Excellent foaming performance, large foaming capacity and fine foam. The foaming agent has a foaming height of 230mm and a 1L foaming capacity of 0.6 to 0.8 m3.good foam stability, and foam half time is 100 minutes.
  • FM-20
    FM-20 foam concrete machine mixing cement, fly ash and water in a mixing chamber in a certain proportion to mix into cement slurry, and then press it through the hydraulic conveying cylinder to the pipe. The foaming agent is diluted with water in a certain proportion and then mixed with compressed air through a high-pressure pump. High density closed cell fine foams are formed in the conveying pipeline and then mixed with cement slurry in the pipes to form foamed cement.
  • FM-12
    FM-12 is our company long-term tracking the actual application of the domestic market, learn from foreign advanced technology, independent research and development of products with high reliability.