• Shield foaming agent
  • Magnesium  foaming agent
    It had applicated in magnesium  products, such as magnesium door panel. wall panel, magnesium fireproof board and so on.
  • Gypsum foamitng agen
    Gypsum foaming agent
    It can use in plaster, and does not change the color of gypsum . just need little to make amount
    foam, and does not change the speed of gypsum products.
    It can application to gypsum wall panel, gypsum components, gypsu...
  • Prefabricated house foaming agent
    The foaming agent  only developes for prefabricated house wall panel. because the wall panel needs
    use amount of little stones. so generally foaming agentcan'tsustain the weight of stone. it will make demixing.
    it doesn't need foam ge...
  • Backfill foaming agent
    The foaming agent does not need foam generator, just use mixer to make foam and then mix cement
    slurry, all materials are mixed within mixer. it is very simple and easy to move, one person can move it and
    operate it.
    It can use for backfill b...
  • FA-4
    The foaming agent has the advantages of low price and high quality, and is a composite cement foaming agent.The agent is diluted with water for 30 times, and then added to the foaming machine for foaming.