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Talent strategy

Human resource concept:

Human resources are the most important resources for the long-term development of enterprises. GAD has long been adhering to the concept of employing people. We respect individuals and advocate the spirit of integrity, innovation and continuous progress. The development of professional talents and management talents suitable for the strategic transformation and rapid development of enterprises in Gade will be unlimited.

Training principles of human resources talents:

Combination of personal goal and enterprise goal

Gade respects the development of every employee, encourages employees to make full use of the company's sound training and development system to plan their career, and guides them to combine their personal development goals with the enterprise's development goals. Under the support of the comprehensive staff training and development system, under the influence of the good development environment and atmosphere of the whole group, the talents of the staff have been brought into full play, the personal ideal has been fully realized, the personal ability has been continuously improved, the personal ideological realm and sentiment have been continuously sublimated, forming a patriotic, law-abiding, dedicated, excellent quality, professional and solid staff Ranks. At the same time, the goal of the enterprise can also be achieved on this basis.

Principles of human resources training:

The employees with good training are the assets of the company. In order to support the sustainable development of the enterprise and maintain the competitiveness in the industry, it is an inevitable way for the development of the employees to improve themselves and make progress actively. Effective training not only improves the working skills of employees, but also strongly supports the spread and identification of corporate culture, and cultivates GAD's concept of unity. Therefore, Gade has set up a perfect training system, which is ready for the theoretical and practical training of new employees, the basic skills training of each post, the comprehensive quality training of management personnel, and the enterprise culture training of active working attitude. Support the growth of employees and the development of the company.

The combination of lifelong continuous learning and academic education

Training is one of the most important links in building a high-quality staff, and also contributes to the development of society and enterprises.